Early Indian Metallurgy

Early Indian Metallurgy
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Authors: P. T. Craddock, with K.T.M. Hegde, L.K. Gurjar and L. Willies

Most studies of ancient technology have hitherto been based on the civilisations of the Mediterranean and Middle East, especially those of Egypt, Greece and Rome. However, in this volume, via survey and archaeological excavation at three major mining and metal production sites in the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan (Agucha, Dariba and Zawar), well away from the Graeco-Roman world, the authors studied the long-term development of mining and smelting activity over 3000 years . Zinc was and still is the principal metal extracted together with minor amounts of lead and silver. At Zawar they, almost certainly, discovered, the first production of zinc on an industrial scale anywhere in the world - by advanced processes of high temperature distillation. This led them to study the silver production at Dariba and Aguch - further evidence of major and complex industrial enterprises taking place well outside the Eurocentric Middle East.